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This Weeks Features

Containers Integrated with M2M Technology, Remote Management Gaining Ground

The dry van container market is awash with assets. A wide majority of these assets have become disconnected, thereby entailing challenges apropos of issues associated with their performance and relevant operations. Dry van container integrated with machine-


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EagleRail inks MoU with Chittagong Port to cut Truck Congestion

EagleRail Container Logistics, a global container logistics company based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, today announced officials at the Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) in Chattogram, Bangladesh have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) to begin the first steps toward transforming and improving throughput on their overcrowded, and gridlocked port roads and gates.

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European Green Deal: Waterborne TP Committed to Zero-Emission Transport

The Green Deal for Europe will be the top priority of the new European Commission. Within this deal, the transformation of waterborne transport (i.e. shipping and inland navigation) into a zero-emission mode of transport will have a crucial place. This transformation will be urgent, not only to meet the political and societal expectations but also to avoid a further

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Bridging between Islands: The Dawn of Interoperability in Shipping

Every new technological advance starts as an island. A new solution, a new way of doing things evolves, influenced by who is developing it and the context in which they want to use it. As vendors seek to exploit the innovation for financial gain, so development accelerates. New features and use cases emerge.

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News Stories for this week click through to read more

Qilak LNG executes HoA with ExxonMobil to Ship LNG through Arctic

New CHRO for Imperial Logistics International

ICTSI Mexico beefs up capacity with new cranes

SEALNG advances North American footprint with addition of FortisBC

New VLGC for Astomos Energy Named Lily Promenade


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